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20121006- Kate and William Jelly Bean Picture20121011- Dorward House cheque presentation20121012- A937 closed due to flooding20121012- Trish Douglas20121013- Forbes Inglis 00120121013- Forbes Inglis 00220121013- Forbes Inglis 00320121013- Forbes Inglis 00420121013- Forbes Inglis 00520121015- Vandalism Closes Montrose Pool 00120121015- Vandalism Closes Montrose Pool 00420121019- Harbour retirement party20121019- Tesco Cancer fundraising 00120121019- Tesco Cancer fundraising 00220121022- Positive Steps20121023- 45 + 47 Brechin High Street20121023- Maternity Unit cheque20121023- Royal Montrose Junior Golfers 00220121023- Royal Montrose Junior Golfers 00320121023- Viking To Victorians book launch 001

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